For centuries, Freemasons have contributed to community success through the principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth. Freemasonry has existed in the Louisiana Jurisdiction since 1863, and one of our continued traditions within this Jurisdiction I am proud to announce, is relaunch of our official publication. The Plumb Line has been the signature publication of the Most Worshipful Prince Grand Lodge of Louisiana since 1910 and we are pleased to announce its renewed legacy in 2022.

Last year, I challenged the Grand Lodge officers to consider new ways to leverage written publications, web technologies, and other forms of media to support and expand our dedication to the jurisdiction. The first step was to outline methods of communication that would effectively communicate our message. Next, three committees were established to accomplish these goals. Today, I am pleased to introduce the Public Relations Department, the Webmaster Committee, and the Information Technology Committee. Congratulate them on their recent appointments!

Freemasonry is often described simply as “a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols”, and the Brothers and Sisters of this Jurisdiction are the embodiment of these virtues. Freemasonry enhances and strengthens the character of individual men by providing opportunities for fellowship, personal enlightenment, leadership, and philanthropy. We always strive to maintain and uphold our landmarks and obligations, offering inspirational opportunities for personal development, education, and fellowship for the Masons of this Jurisdiction.


– Dr. Ralph Slaughter
Most Worshipful Grand Master